How Miami got its #philanthropyswagger

There is much for Miami to be confident about: our vibrant culture, strength in diversity, an expanding, globally focused economy. It’s time we added philanthropy to that list. Give Miami Day 2014 raised $5.2 million for 520 local nonprofits in the most active day of giving in Southeast U.S. history. But it did something else for our community – in just 24 hours, it proved what we at The Miami Foundation have always believed … Miami is an exceptionally generous place. That’s why throughout the 24-hour giving frenzy on November 20th, there was one hashtag repeated over and over again on Twitter: #philanthropyswagger. Read more on the Foundation blog



Accelerate your civic solutions

The Accelerator Grants program will make a $10,000 award related to each of the eight Our Miami Report issue area. The Foundation is particularly looking entities who already have traction, are making positive headway and could turn modest funding into expanded impact. Learn more, vote and comment on the 114 submitted ideas here



Give Miami Day is here! 11.20.14

Miami will rise up again during South Florida's most exciting annual giving event. Let's create another record-shattering year for philanthropy in our city ... join the Give Miami Day movement! Make a gift

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How Miami got its #philanthropyswagger
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