The real citadel of strength of any community is in the hearts and minds and desires of those who dwell there. -Sen. Everett Dirksen

We are able to award grants each year because of donors like you.

One group of forward-thinking donors endowed more than $50 million at The Miami Foundation. These donors appreciate our philanthropic expertise and understand that we, better than anyone, have a deep understanding of the community. The charitable resources these donors provide allow us to address emerging needs, invest in innovative programs and leverage dollars from national foundations for Miami's benefit.

A philanthropic trend today is that of the donor advised fund. These types of Funds allow you to have the exclusive look and feel of a private foundation without any of the administrative burden. The professional staff at The Miami Foundation serves as your personal philanthropic advisors. These Fundholders support causes that reflect their values and help to achieve their personal philanthropic goals. The causes they support are as diverse the Fundholders themselves and range from small, grass-roots startups to large university alumni campaigns.

In addition to the grants that we award each year, the Foundation provides civic leadership, bringing stakeholders together to tackle issues of concern in our community. Working together with our Fundholders and community partners, we leverage collective knowledge, creativity and resources for a greater impact than any one of us could make alone.

Grants by the numbers


$13,952,711 Million to 557 Organizations
Average grant: $13,612
Largest grant: $500,000
Total number of grants: 1,025

In Our History

Total Grants: $162,716,403

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