Start Your Fund

It's Easy

In three easy steps your Fund can be open today.

First, choose the assets to start your Fund with. While cash is easiest, appreciated stocks, business interest, real estate and other alternative assets are all options available to you.

Second, choose a name for your Fund. A popular choice is often "The [Surname] Foundation." At times, donors wish to remain anonymous. When this is the case, our staff can assist you in choosing a name that reflects your wishes and protects your identity.

Finally, choose what you would like to support over what period of time. The philanthropic advisors at The Miami Foundation will walk you through a series of questions and a unique values exercise to develop a personal philanthropic plan.

Change the World Today

The easiest way to see how The Miami Foundation can help you give more effectively is to speak with one of our philanthropic advisors about your charitable goals and interests.

Call us at 305.371.2711 to set up an introduction.