Why Endowment

When you endow your Fund, the principal will never be spent. Your Fund is invested in a long-term growth pool, earning returns that allow your philanthropy to endure – forever.

Albert Einstein once called compound interest "the most powerful force in the universe."
Endowments carry an inherent power to provide for community needs in perpetuity through
continued growth. Over time, the amount granted exceeds the original contributions to the fund,
while the original gift remains intact and grows over time.

There is no better way to preserve your family's name and philanthropy.

The Power of Endowment
Case Study - The DadeFund

Hugh Westbrook and Esther Colliflower started the hospice movement in Miami. These visionary leaders inherently understood the need for quality, compassionate end of life care. And that's just what their company provided for 16 years.

It's no surprise that they called on that same vision when they sold the business. Hugh and Esther used a portion of the proceeds and established a custom, charitable Fund at The Miami Foundation. The DadeFund, as they named it, supports children across Miami-
Dade. Through their Fund, Hugh and Esther have taught hundreds of children to read, helped kids who turn 18 and are forced to exit the foster care system get a better start on the road to independence and they have given thousands of Miami's youngest residents the opportunities to see their first ballet.


The power of endowment, The DadeFund. For a Greater Miami.