What We Do

We are Miami's Foundation

We work with all kinds of donors and help them make their philanthropy more effective and more fun. Over the years, donors have trusted us with more than $220 Million which has allowed us to invest over $10 Million in our community each year.

Why people choose to work with us:

We believe that everyone can be a philanthropist. When you partner with us, we'll help you become one - and be very effective at it.

Second, we're experts in two things - philanthropy and community. People like to work with us because of that. We provide excellent personal service and have a team of people who have a deep understanding of the community.

How we do it:

We talk with each donor and help them determine what causes are important to them.

With that information, a custom, charitable Fund - usually in their name is created. The donors choose how much and what kind of assets to start the Fund and our staff is their staff - just like if they had a private foundation.

Learn how to start your own Fund.