The Miami Foundation Team

Established in 1967, The Miami Foundation provides civic leadership, bringing people together to tackle issues of concern in the community.  Our team of committed professionals is integral to the Foundation's work of making Miami a better place. 

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Below are available staff positions with The Miami Foundation team.

Accounts Payable Clerk
Finance Department

Meet the Staff

Javier Alberto Soto
President and CEO
email Javier

Nancy Granja
Executive Assistant to the President and CEO
and Office Administrator
email Nancy


When you want a representative of the Foundation to speak to your group, when you have questions regarding the Foundation's marketing and public outreach, if you are a member of the media and need a question answered or when you need a quote or image from the Foundation, contact this team:

Matthew Beatty
Director of Communications
email Matthew 

Nazia Salam
Communications Assistant
email Nazia


When you are looking for information on how you can partner with The Miami Foundation, when you have a question about your Fund, or when you want to discuss your charitable legacy, contact this team:

Samantha Bratter
Vice President for Development
email Samantha

Julie Bindbeutel
Development Officer
email Julie

Janell Kaplan
Development Officer
email Janell

Grants and Programs

When you are looking for an innovative program that is accomplishing great things in our community, when you have a question about one of our initiatives or when you want more information on how to receive a grant, contact this team:

Charisse Grant
Senior Vice President for Programs
email Charisse

Marianne Maduro
Senior Programs Officer
email Marianne

Stuart Kennedy
Senior Programs Officer
email Stuart

Joy Lampkin
Programs Assistant
email Joy


When you have questions about the Foundation's investments, when you would like a copy of your Fund statement or when you need information about a grant check, contact this team:

Pamela Olmo
Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer
email Pamela

Christopher Williams
email Christopher

Casey Dachs
Fiscal Relationships Officer
email Casey

Pamela Cirimele
Fiscal Relationships Associate
email Pamela