Financial Information


We offer an exceptional selection of investment pools that you may choose from.

Each pool is carefully constructed and diversified to maximize return and minimize volatility. They are individually designed to meet a range of philanthropic goals and time horizons.

Because your Fund is pooled with the more than $150 Million in assets under management, you will have access to greater diversification than would otherwise be possible.

Finance Committee

Our Finance Committee is comprised of seasoned industry professionals. They hire, oversee and work with an independent, world-class Investment Consultant who ensures performance of the more than 15 independent Investment Managers. The Miami Foundation adheres to a strict Investment Policy that keeps our investments targeted to achieving each pool's investment goals.

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If your Fund will make grants for ten years or more...

...choose the Long-Term Growth Pool. It is the most broadly diversified; designed to accept more downside short-term risk to achieve a higher level of long-term growth. Capital appreciation makes up the majority of the pool's return, while dividends and interest play a less prominent role.

If your Fund will make grants from three to seven years...

...choose the Balanced Pool. It is moderately diversified and designed to provide growth in the shorter term while still minimizing risk. This pool has a large portion of fixed-income assets and yet maintains a significant level of equities. Dividends and interest make up a majority of the pool's return with capital appreciation playing a smaller role.

If your Fund will make grants from one to three years...

...choose Short-Term Pool. It holds cash and money market securities. It is minimally diversified and returns are based on pre-defined rates.