We can help when you have clients who need to:

  • make a charitable contribution to offset capital gains and other taxes
  • distribute IRS required 5% from their private foundations
  • transfer equities or other assets to a charitable gift
  • establish a legacy plan for their family
  • make a charitable contribution for the year

Remember that we are here for you and your clients 24/7. Our expert staff can assist you with transferring any types of assets.

Private Foundation vs. Donor Advised Fund 

There are significant tax advantages to establishing a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) at The Miami Foundation versus opening a private foundation. A Forbes article highlighted a couple who chose a DAF at their local community foundation:

You make your contribution and claim your tax deduction now, then donate to charities over years or decades, while your charitable dollars are invested and growing tax free or nearly tax free.


When we can be of assistance, please contact Julie Bindbeutel at 305.357.2082 or