Good For You

As you consider who to work with for your clients charitable needs, we ask that you consider The Miami Foundation for the following reasons:

Trust and service.
We recognize that every referral you make to your clients reflects back on you. We value and honor the trust you place in us by providing your clients the best possible service.

A local partner.
Professional advisors who refer clients to The Miami Foundation appreciate the fact that we’re always available to meet with them and with their clients. Join us downtown for an educational and networking luncheon or invite us to speak to your firm.

Sometimes it can take years for a client to be ready to move into organized philanthropy with a donor advised fund or other giving solution. We’ll be with you every step of the way, while continuing to improve our products and services.

Although we’re located in downtown Miami, your clients can give through us from anywhere in the world. Clients can set up a fund (or you can do it for them), make gifts to and grants from their funds, and monitor their fund and giving activity – all on-line.

Charitable giving is our business. Our teams of experts are well-versed and current on relevant rules and regulations in the field, and can help you sort through the variety of direct and planned giving options to find the best option for your client.

Based on your clients’ goals for charitable impact, financial security, family involvement, and other areas related to giving and charitable estate planning, we can help design a custom giving solution. From donor advised funds to charitable lead trusts to legacy funds, we can tap into multiple vehicles to create the best giving strategy for your client.

We recognize that many of your clients have built their businesses on investment expertise. That’s why we offer a variety of investment strategies and have created a tool to help you and your clients determine the most appropriate strategy for their giving goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance.

We know your clients often want to involve their children in discussions about charitable giving, but they’re not yet ready to share the full details of their estate. As a charitable giving partner, we can help make those conversations comfortable and keep them outside the bounds of financial, estate, and tax planning. We keep the focus on helping your clients share the value of giving and develop a family giving plan that works for them.

Continuing Education.
We offer at least two educational opportunities per year to provide fresh perspectives on charitable giving strategies, community issues, and more.  These events also provide networking opportunities with top wealth managers, investment advisors, accountants and attorneys in Miami.  

Community Knowledge.
We provide you and your clients with rich information, expertise, and connections on charitable giving and community issues. Not only do we have deep expertise on staff in terms of effective giving and innovative nonprofits, we also have access to the perspectives and experiences of thousands of our donors.