Top Reasons Donors Choose Us

You worked hard to acheive what you have in life. As you consider charitable giving, we ask that you consider The Miami Foundation for the following reasons:

Your custom, charitable Fund operates just like a private foundation – only with more-significant tax advantages, no start-up costs, fewer annual fees and more flexibility.

Our team of philanthropic advisors will help you develop an approach to your philanthropy that reflects your personal values and interests.

With you, we plan a gift that makes most sense in the context of your financial situation, your legacy plan, your lifestyle, your family, and your philanthropic goals.

We carefully steward over $150 million in charitable assets that have been contributed by more than 1,000 donors across our community.

Your professional staff are leaders in philanthropy, grantmaking, financial management and will provide you with exceptional customer service.

Whether you want to give now or in the future through your estate, The Miami Foundation will create a custom, charitable solution to fulfill your needs.

Philanthropy is fun. When you partner with us, we take care of the increasingly complex laws, accounting, tax and compliance issues – freeing you up to enjoy making grants to the causes that you care about.

We believe that charitable investments should be expected to produce positive returns, just as is expected from financial investments.

Donors who partner with us are informed and strategic because we share our knowledge and findings with them through regular reports, educational forums, donor briefings and site visits.